2017 Week 17 – Week of 24 April

Close up of a lilac flower

Lilacs are blooming!

The asparagus is finally coming in!  We ate asparagus for 4 meals last week (though it wasn’t on the menu yet).  The harvest is picking up, and so are the pre-orders.  I imagine we’ll be fulfilling asparagus pre-orders this week, and need to begin marketing it next week.  Exciting/exhausting times!

Meanwhile, this week will be packed.  I was unable to do much while I was sick for 5 weeks (which is the reason I started this whole meal planning adventure), and this past several weeks has involved constant pushing to get caught up – at school, on the farm, and with my graduate classes.

Yes, I’m working on another degree, this one an MA in Public History.  I was in the early part of one of the classes I was most excited about in the whole degree program, Theory and Practice of Oral History.  Alas, missing 5 weeks of an 8 week class is problematic.  So I was given a 30 day extension to make up the work.  Wouldn’t have been too much of a problem if I wasn’t behind on everything else in life.  At any rate, that extension ends Sunday.  We also have parents’ weekend at school beginning Thursday, and that doesn’t offer much in the way of time to breathe for band director types!

Despite all of those challenges, we’ll try to both celebrate asparagus, and get as many home-prepared, all-organic meals in as possible this week.  Thankfully, I prepared a couple of freezer meals over the past few weeks, and have a slow cooker.  I wasn’t too happy with how the Crock Pot Chicken Tika Masala turned out last week, so I’m going to make a few changes and try again this week.  We are down to only 4 chickens left in the freezer (which probably makes X happy…), though, and 1 of those will lose its thighs for this…

MonZucchini Bread

Lunch meeting - box mealMini Shepherd's Pies (from freezer)

Cream of Asparagus Soup
Lancer Band

Thaw chicken thighs (from 2 chickens)

Finish Oral History Evaluation - last major project for HIST523
TuesZucchini Bread

Mini Shepherd's Pies

Cream of Asparagus Soup
Crockpot Chicken Tika Masala (another attempt)

Asparagus over Millet
Lancer Band

Thaw pork shoulder
WedZucchini Bread

Chicken Tika MasalaCarnitasspecial schedule - pm drill period

Lancer Band

Make Amaretto Nut Bread

Need to have finished all makeup work for HIST523 from when I was ill - extension ends Sunday, but no time with parents' weekend duties
ThurAmaretto Nut BreadCarnitasDining hall (if lucky - probably no time to eat)Retreat


Parents' Weekend begins
FriAmaretto Nut BreadDining Hall
Homemade Frozen PizzaParents' Weekend
SatAmaretto Nut BreadCheesey Rigatoni Bake from freezerSnacky things from the Fine Arts Honor Society induction reception - no other time to eatParents' Weekend
SunDining HallDining HallPuntParents' Weekend


Make Zucchini Bread

Extension for HIST523 ends

Groceries:  Kroger – $99.38

New from the farm:  Asparagus!  Also, rhubarb is starting to fill in, so that might make a dinner appearance early this year.  We’ll see.  Lettuce, spinach, and arugula germinated slowly this year, and is still probably 3 weeks from harvest.

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