2017 Week 35 – Week of 28 August

A basket of onions

Onions on our farmers’ market display

The weekly menu returns after its summer vacation this week!

We’re back to school with a partial week of classes under our belt, so it’s time to get back in the routine of planning meals.  Spending most of my time off-farm means we won’t be snacking on veggies while working in the field, and cooking around the schedule needs forethought.

Meanwhile, things are really hopping at the farm!  We have a huge volume of produce coming in. We’ve hauled over a ton of produce to market each of the last four weeks, with more to come.  The late summer/early fall crops have done well.  Of particular note, and a great personal existential victory, is onions.  It’s embarrassing as someone people think of as a gardening guru, but I’ve never been successful growing bulbing onions.  I’ve tried multiple methods, in gardens with widely varying conditions over 15 years, with no success.  Until this year!

This year’s onion crop produced a great harvest of salad onions in the late spring and early summer, and now we’re harvesting good-sized bulbs, with great flavor.  It’s also a variety known to be a good long-storing variety, so we should be set for the winter (though they sold like crazy at market this weekend, which surprised me a bit).

MonZucchini Bead
Tromboncini Fajitas
Minnesota Midget Melon
Spaghetti Squash w/ Pesto Cream Sauce

Lancer Band
TuesZucchini Bead
Spaghetti Squash w/ Pesto Cream SauceEat at market (final Tuesday Evening market of the year)Farmers' Market
WedZucchini Bead
Dining HallLamb Burgers w/ Fresh Tomatoes & Onions from the garden
Roasted Tromboncini Squash
Green & Yellow Wax Beans
ThurZucchini Bead
Asian Pear
Homemade Frozen Burrito
Dining HallRetreat & Late Duty
FriZucchini Bead
Asian Pear
Homemade Frozen Burrito
Harvest Panic - piece while pickingHarvest
SatZucchini BeadMunching at the MarketPizza?Farmers’ Market
SunZucchini Bead
Dining HallMarket Leftover Stir FryGarrison Parade

New from the farm: The current produce list is over 25 items long!

Groceries: No grocery shopping this week!

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