Ham and Cheese Pizza

Homemade Farm to Flame Ham and Cheese Pizza

Pie of the Week #5

So, I’ve made it five weeks in a row on my weekly “pie of the week” challenge.  This week: Ham and Cheese Pizza!

Neapolitan crust
Alfredo Sauce
Swiss Cheese
Shaved Smoked Ham (Amor Gardens and Pork)
Red Onions (our farm, but not enough to market this year 🙁 )
Dijon Mustard
Nabuka Scallions (really, they’ve become my favorite pizza topping…)
And a drizzle of hot honey, made from our own Cayenne peppers and Freedom Hills Farm honey

This one falls in the “close to greatness” category.  At least given the preferences of Xenia and myself.  I found it a little on the salty side, and wished I had added more honey to offset the saltiness.  In contrast, Xenia thought it was too sweet, and wished there was less honey.  I also think the mustard would have been better applied after the bake, like the honey.  The flavor was fine, but it lost its sheen and looked a bit dried up (even though it wasn’t).  That’s a cosmetic, rather than flavor, thing.  But, such things still matter!

I’ve also begun posting my weekly featured pizza on our farm’s Instagram and Facebook page, rather than my personal page.  Several people requested that after I included the project in last week’s Weeklyish Newsletter.  And, it is “Farm to Flame pizza” I’m going for, after all… (And, really, the flame singing the ham and cheese pizza? THAT’s something special!)

I’ll probably move all of the past, and future, pizzas over here eventually. That will collect all of them together. So check back often if you want to follow along.

2 thoughts on “Ham and Cheese Pizza

    • health department issues aside, I’m not sure freezing would be all that great.

      But it does trigger an interesting thought… If one had a food truck, it would be possible to flip pizza delivery on its ear. Instead of making pizza in a restaurant, then trying to deliver it before it got soggy and cold, you could drive to the place wanting pizza, make it on the spot, hand it over, then move along to the next…

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