New Pizza Oven

In Pie of the Week news, I got a new thing today: a Gozney Roccbox pizza oven.

I got both the standard gas (propane) burner, and the optional wood burner. It comes with a nifty “placement” pizza peel, but I threw in the optional turning peel as well. It should make rotating the pizzas in the oven easier, once I get the hang of using it! Those are all Amazon associate links, under the misguided illusion that someone might purchase one and support my bog/project (at no extra cost!). But I actually ordered direct from Gozey. The price was identical, as was shipping time, so best to support the original producer directly (n.b. Tom Gozney has an inspiring story).

For those considering a portable pizza oven of their own, the most comparable competitor to Gozney is Ooni. The Ooni Karu is probably the closest to the Roccbox. My research found that, while both are portable pizza ovens that can use either propane or wood fire, the Roccox does better with propane, while the Karu does better with wood. Realistically, I’ll use propane more frequently. Gozney is also more commercial-market oriented. As such, local health and fire departments accept the Roccbox more easily, and it maintains/recovers its temperature between pizzas better. That will be important if I ever expand my pie of the week project into making farm to flame pizzas on the farm and/or at farmers’ markets.

Tonight, it made a white sauce, arugula, ricotta pie; a red sauce (really getting my sauce recipe dialed in!) pepperoni, scallion, fresh mozzarella pie; and an apple and cheddar pie.

No pics, because it was dark and starting to rain. Not a good situation for baking pizzas on the lift gate of the farm’s box truck. But they were quite good for a first try baking pizza at 960 degrees!

in other news, cutting a pizza in the dark is quite hard. I don’t recommend.

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