Ragu Calzone

Calzone baking in a Gozney Roccbox

Pie of the Week #8

For this week’s Pie of the Week, I made a Ragu Calzone.  So, maybe it’s a hand pie?

I wanted a bit of a change from the round, so I made a rich, yummy ragu (recipe here).  I used my regular Neapolitan-ish pizza dough, but instead of tossing it into a thin round and topping, I tossed it into a medium-thin round, spread a generous heap of ragu, a bunch of fresh mozarrella, a sprinkling of fresh grated Parmesan, and a few leaves of fresh basil across the middle.  Then I folded it over, and crimped the edges, like a Cornish Pasty

I baked it right up at the front edge of the Roccbox, where it’s a bit cooler, spinning it around a couple of times for even baking, then grated some more Parmesan on the crust when it first came out.

Truth be told, the ragu calzone wasn’t much to look at.  And it was a bit messy – really, you needed a knife and fork. Ironic for something with its roots in street food.  But was it ever delicious!  Life-changing delicious?  Maybe not.  But close…

Ragu Calzone

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