Blackened Chicken Pizza

Blackened Chicken Pizza, made with a sour cream dill sauce, mozarella, spicy blackened chicken, red onions, red peppers, all on a Neapolitan crust

Pie of the Week #17

This is a little different take on the pizzas I’ve been doing lately. But really delicious, nonetheless. It uses ingredients left over from making the blackened chicken wraps yesterday. But we unwrap the wrap, put it on a quasi-neapolitan pizza crust, and give it a couple of minutes in the Roccbox.

So, basically, shape the crust. Give it a good coating of the sour cream dill sauce, cover with grated mozzarella, before topping with chunks of blackened chicken breast, and strips of red and yellow bell peppers and red onion.

It was a rather heavy pizza, with those big chunks of chicken! That made turning it as it baked a little more challenging than usual. And I had to “dome” it a bit to make sure the toppings got cooked and the cheese browned without the crust burning.

But the result was delicious! The hot, spiciness of the chicken was a great contrast to both the dreary weather we’ve been having and the cooling sour cream dill sauce. It was a nice change from pizza, alfredo, or white sauces we usually use on pizzas, without going sauceless. And, really, dill on a pizza? A nice, unexpected surprise! I think a blackened chicken pizza would be a good choice for the menu if I ever take this pizza producing project public!

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