76 Tromboncini Squash

I love tromboncini (or the singular, “tromboncino,” or botanical, “Rampicante”) squash.  It fills an odd niche, later than most summer squash, yet earlier than most winter squash.  It’s storage life is halfway between, too.  It’s flavor is somewhere between a zucchini and a butternut.   So, I call it an autumn squash.

Tromboncini squash have a long, seedless neck, and dangle from their trellis like a trombone hanging on the wall.  Supposedly they can get to the size of a trombone as well, and thus they receive their name.  So, 76 tromboncini lead the big parade, and, on a pound of food per square foot measure, they’re one of the most efficient foods we can grow.

Alas, they’re unfamiliar to most people.  So we’re still working on getting people to try them (though most everyone who tries one comes back for more).  In the meantime, there are lots for us to use.  So, I needed to get creative.   Here are a few tromboncini uses: Continue reading

Zucchini Season – Lock Your Car Doors

Chad's Brandy Glazed Zucchini Bread

Chad’s Brandy Glazed Zucchini Bread

“What can I do with all of my zucchini?”  “Google Zucchini Recipes.”  “Here, take a zucchini.  I insist.”  These are common queries among gardeners this time of year.  If you live in a small town like Culver, you may not lock your car doors, except for his time of year – when you fear someone might leave a pile of zucchini in it!

Zucchini is extremely seasonal, and generally quite productive.  Thus, people tend to look for unique zucchini ideas, recipes that use a lot of zucchini, or that will use them in new ways,   Continue reading