Parmesan Tromboncini Discs

Parmesan Tromboncini Discs

Parmesan Tromboncini Discs

Even though we’re getting slammed with zucchini, the Tromboncini squash are also starting to come in.  Tromboncini are uncommon, but I’m not sure why.  They’re very productive, at least in terms of pounds of food produced (though most of the squash tend to be large, so you don’t necessarily have large numbers of them).  They are easy to use – they have a long neck that is entirely seedless, then a bulb on the end that contains all of the seeds, and a skin that’s only slightly thicker than zucchini, so most recipes don’t need peeling.  They are versatile – they can function both as a summer squash and as a winter squash (though they don’t store quite as long as, say, a butternut).  And they are very tasty, with a flavor somewhere between a zucchini and an acorn squash.

Anyway, we have converted a few true believers at market.  Most people are afraid to try them, but those who do usually come back for more.  But, due either to the massive pile of zucchini on our table, or too few brave culinarians, we had a few left after this week’s markets.  So, yesterday was a day to be creative with Tromboncini.   Continue reading

Crockpot Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

Chad's version of a philly cheesesteak sandwich

Chad’s Crockpot Philly Cheesesteak

I’ve had Philly Cheeesesteak Sandwiches in many places, though ironically never in Philly…  Nonetheless, the combination of beef and cheese with a flavorful au jus, peppers, and onions is certainly a winner.

My version uses the slow cooker to braise the steak all day.  Then you can simply assemble and broil the sandwiches and be eating in just a few minutes. Continue reading

Pizza Sauce

Pizza crust with sauce

Saucing a pizza

This is the sauce I used when I made homemade frozen pizza last week.  Yes, I’ll probably post the parts and pieces to make a frozen pizza recipe, but mostly, I’m experimenting with a new recipe format/features for this blog.  I’m hoping for feedback, either as comments here, or via email, Facebook, in person, whatever. Continue reading