2017 Week 20 – Week of 15 May

macro photo of medlar blossom

Our medlar trees are blooming profusely!

The weather really kicked us last week.  4 days of frost and a 29 degree frost, meaning we lost about 50 pounds of asparagus harvest.  Sigh.  Also, our almond trees, tree cherries (but not bush cherries), peaches, and nectarines all failed to bloom this year!

On the other hand, our medlar trees are blooming like crazy!  Medlars are a fruit that was very popular during the medieval era.  Similar to persimmons, they are left on the tree to ripen and soften (actually, bletted – over-ripened and softened.  They are inedible until this occurs), giving fruit at a time of year it often is not available locally.  I actually don’t know if we like medlars or not.  Our trees are new, and we had one set last year. We waited until it was ready to eat, but something else ate it before we had the chance…  Rare fruit can be a challenge. Our hazelnuts are also blooming!

Tractor tire in truck

Getting this thing off, rolled up hill, and into the truck by myself nearly killed me. In addition to the rim, hub, tire, and tube, the thing was filled with about 380 pounds of water and calcium chloride for ballast!

This week will be an enormous challenge.  It’s crazy busy at work, with alumni reunion weekend taking top billing in the mind of band directors.  Lots of ceremonies and performances from Thursday all the way through Sunday.  We’re also crazy busy in the garden – way behind planting and transplanting due to the weather, my illness, and having a flat tractor tire last week at a horribly inopportune moment (is there ever a good time to have a tractor problem?).  Also, I’m going to need to set up irrigation – despite the flooding of the past couple of weeks, our sand is already dry, and it’s not supposed to rain again for at least a week.  Can’t transplant seedlings into a desert and expect them to take hold!

This menu is ambitious given the schedule, but I think I stand a chance of making it happen…

MonZucchini BreadLeftoversChicken Curry

Jasmine Rice

Dal Maknni
Lancer Band

Cover veggies ahead of hard freeze
TuesZucchini BreadChicken Curry


Dal Makhni
Jerkish Chicken

Grilled Asparagus

Rosemary Roast
Lancer Band

Comment Sheets due tomorrow!
WedZucchini BreadJerkish Chicken

Rosemary Roast Potatoes
Cheesey Rigatoni Bake (from freezer)Lancer Band
ThurAmaretto Nut BreadCheesey Rigatoni BakeDining HallRetreat & Late Lessons
FriAmaretto Nut BreadDining Hall
Dining Hall if I’m luckyNo Classes

Alumni Reunion Weekend- abandon all hope

Honors Presentations & Recital

Person of the Year Ceremony

Iron Gate Ceremony
SatAmaretto Nut BreadMunchies at the MarketPizza w/ Corps of DrumsFarmers’ Market

Alumni Open Shoot w/ rifle team

Alumni Parade

Corps of Drums @ Class of 1992 dinner
SunBiscuits & Sausage GravyDining HallBiscuits & Sausage GravyHonor Orgs performances

New from the farm: The asparagus is starting to make a comeback.  Rhubarb is being harvested, as are radishes.  Fresh herbs are starting to come in as well, adding a great boost to flavors.  Normally we’d be awash in salad greens, but they’re still at least a week from harvest.

Groceries: Kroger –

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