Round Pizza

round pizza, with canadian bacon, red onions, red peppers, yellow peppers, fresh mozzarella slices

Pie of the Week #9

In last week’s pie of the week, I took a detour from the usual round pizza. This week, I went back to something much more traditional: round pizza.  With round things on it.

I went with Canadian bacon, rounds of red and yellow peppers, rings of red onion, and round slices of fresh mozzarella. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary, other than the shapes chosen for the peppers and onions.  But, it also shows the benefits of homemade, artisan pizza: you’re not limited to whatever you can get from Sysco or Prima, to include shapes of toppings. When you do farm to flame pizza, you can make even mundane toppings a little extra special.

Anyway, we’re doing pizzas for Thanksgiving. There will probably include some repeats from my first nine weeks of experiments.  And maybe some particularly seasonally appropriate pizzas, too.  I’m thinking an apple pie, and I have a handful of brussels sprouts that may need to make an appearance, and what could I do with cranberries on pizza???

There will be a fair bit of improvisation this Thanksgiving.  And it’s kind of liberating.  If a pizza idea doesn’t turn out yummy, I can just make another one in a couple of minutes! If I try something original with a turkey that takes all day to prepare and it doesn’t work out, we’re probably stuck with takeout pizza from someone who will mostly be thankful when their shift ends…

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