Pesto Schmear
a yummy topping for bagels. Schmears are simple and perfect for improvisation, so you can use this same process for different ingredients. They can be very seasonal: basil-sun dried tomato-seranno pepper is a favorite summer schmear. They can be savory: oregano-sundried tomato. They can be sweet: toasted walnut-honey. You get the idea.
Servings Prep Time
13schmears 3minutes
Servings Prep Time
13schmears 3minutes
  1. Put the cheese in a food processor, and whir until smooth.
  2. Add the presto, and whir until evenly incorporated.
  3. Taste, and add more pesto if needed.
  1. Usually on bagels. It’s also good on sandwiches, on other breads, on leftover pancakes… Yup. That simple.
Recipe Notes
  •  You can make your own neufchatel cheese fairly easily.  But store bought cheese is close enough in quality you won’t likely notice in a schmear.
  • The packaging on neufchatel always says “do not freeze.”  When it goes on sale for $1 or $1.25 per half pound package, ignore this instruction liberally.  It freezes very well.
  • Pesto is very expensive to buy.  Making it is much more reasonable, particularly if you grown your own basil.  Make your own, and freeze it.  I’ll probably add a recipe come mid-summer.

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