Chad Gard
A self-portrait, taken while splitting firewood.

Hi, I’m Chad, and I’m  interested in too many things.

“Hi, Chad!”

My wife and I own a small Certified Naturally Grown farm.  We raise alpacas, lamb, honeybees, geese, ducks, composting worms, and over 250 varieties of fruits, nuts, and vegetables.  We distribute our farm products through local farmers’ markets (one of which I am co-manage), to area restaurants, and via home delivery through our online store.

Les Miserables Me
Me in the pit playing Les Miserables

I’m a former teacher, for the last 14 years of that career, at at a college preparatory boarding school in a tiny town in Northwestern Indiana.  Among my academic pursuits, I have taught concert band, orchestra, percussion ensemble, music history, creative music making (non-jazz improvisation), history of film music, physics of music, served as an academic advisor and academic coach, and coached an Olympic-style air rifle marksmanship team.  I also directed the military band and a small ceremonial band, and did side work as a historian (I have a masters’ degree in Public History, and enjoy local history, institutional history, and oral history).

If that’s not enough, I’m also a professional freelance percussionist, a composer, a bread baker, a chocolatier, and a photographer.

Oh, and I like food…